Our Leadership Structure

Membership options are categorized into 3 tiers: Co-Chairs, Contributors and Support Members. All members of Open eBL are entitled to participate in monthly updates, member initiatives, events and actitvies specific to their member tiers as outlined below. Co-Chairs and Contributor members are entitled to nominate representatives to the Leadership and Technology governing councils of the Open eBL initiative.

Member Tiers and Benefits

Co-Chair Members

All the benefits of a contributor member plus, decision rights to influence the governance of Open eBL and its future roadmap.

Contributor Members

All the benefits of a supporter member plus, the opportunity to appoint a representative to the Leadership Council and Technology Council.

Decision rights to influence the solution design of the Open eBL platform.

First-mover advantage to provide clients with technology or services leveraging the Open eBL platform within the implementation timeframe.

Supporter Members

Stay informed with monthly updates on initiative news, actions, and key achievements that can facilitate strategic alignment and foster community engagement.

Offer your point of view at Open eBL general meetings and events.

Participate in select tests and receive general support from the Open eBL staff to advance the mission of the initiative.

Open eBL Governance Councils

Leadership Council

Oversee Open eBL mission, compliance and policy, success and sustainability

Define Open eBL future road map and commercial direction

Participate in leadership council meetings and voting

Approve associated budget and expenditures

Oversee Open eBL business and marketing matters

Work with Technology Council on program certifications and operations

Maintain policies and rules and procedures

Technology Council

Coordinate Open eBL technical direction

Oversee operation and maintenance of the Open eBL platform

Oversee technical projects and proposals, code contributors and maintainers and their activities

Provide expert knowledge and best practices to guide Open eBL delivery and adoption

Participate in Technology Council meetings and voting on new council members

Expert Resources

Finance and technology support from the CGE and advisors. Legal support from Cravath, Swaine & Moore.

Working Groups

Provide marketing, legal and regulatory support to advance the mission of Open eBL

Meet the Open eBL Team

Christopher Caine

Christopher Caine

The Center for Global Enterprise
Marko Koacevic

Marko Koacevic

Managing Director
Digital Supply Chain Institute
Vanessa Mbanefo

Vanessa Mbanefo

Managing Director
DSCI Open eBL initiative

Founding Sponsors